Tuesday, February 11, 2020

What ever intererests you (Restrictions in directions) Research Paper

What ever intererests you (Restrictions in directions) - Research Paper Example Coffee just like many other products has an interesting history; this research focuses on providing a background on where the caffeinated phenomenon begin and what made it loved so much (Pendergrast, 2001). Just like many other products the beginnings of coffee are enveloped in lore and mystery, legend states that the Ethiopian goat herder by the name of Kaldi discovered the crop. Kaldi noticed that his goats had full energy and were flokering soon after eating berries of coffee shrub, when Kaldi tried the same berries he had the same reaction. Later a monk took the berries to his fellow monks who spent the whole night alert and awake which was probably a reaction from the high caffeine found in coffee berries, a stimulant that usually protects the coffee crop from pests. Soon after the two incidents the knowledge about the energizing effects of the coffee berries started spreading all around the world, the word moved east reaching Arabian Peninsula, from there the reputation of the plant spread all around the globe. The Arabs in the Arabian Peninsula began the cultivation of the crop and also were the first to begin the trade of coffee berries, the cultivation of the crop spread around the Arab world fact, by 16th century countries such as Egypt, Turkey Syrian, and Persia cultivated the crop and traded its berries. People did not only drink coffee at homes but also in many of the coffee houses during the period; this coffee houses began appearing in different cities all across the east. As the coffee houses (qahveh kahneh) increased so did the people who frequented these places, the people increased as this was not only a place for drinking coffee, they also engaged in conversation, watched performers and listened to music. The word about the new product kept spreading, to maintain a monopoly of the coffee trade

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